Computer & Digital Forensics Services


At Beam Computer Forensics each one of our forensic analysts are licensed holders of Guidance Software’s EnCE certification (EnCase Certified Examiner).  The EnCE is one of the digital forensic industry’s most highly regarded certifications, which requires over one year of demonstrated forensic expertise, as well as 64 hours of in-depth training.   In addition, our staff is comprised of information technology professionals commanding over 20 years of combined hands-on experience in computing, digital forensics, eDiscovery, private investigation, and networking.

Cellphone Forensics

Mobile Device Forensics

Forensically sound collections of iPhones, Android Phones, Blackberry Smartphones, iPads, Android Tablets, as well as many other mobile devices

In-depth forensic analysis of mobile devices 

Hard Drive Recovery

Failed Hard Drive Recovery

We recover data from hard drives suffering failure from liquid damage, power surges, and accidental drops.  Contact us for a free consultation today!

We perform secure remote collections from Microsoft Exchange Servers, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Comcast Mail, Cox Mail, Hotmail, Office365, Microsoft Live, as well as various other email providers utilizing the IMAP/POP3 standards. 


Beam Computer Forenics uses industry validated forensically sound tools to conduct email collections remotely via the Internet.


Remote Email Collection

Remote Email Collection

We provide our customers with the collected email data in PST format, accompanied by comprehensive logging including a MD5 hash value for verification.  We provide email keyword searches and date filtering which reduces your ingestion costs during eDiscovery processing.


Forensic Collection

Forensic Imaging

On-site & remote collections of laptops, desktops, or file servers.  Forensically sound and legally defensible.

Computer Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

For digital evidence to be admissible in court it needs to be collected and analyzed in a forensically sound manner.  We provide expert-level forensic analysis to determine usb activity, recover deleted files, investigate claims of theft of intellectual property, as well many other services.  Contact us for a free consultation today!

Expert Testifying

Expert Testimony

From signed affidavits, to deposition, to testifying our experts are well equipped to assist you during all phases of the litigation process.  Contact us to learn more about how to leverage our team to serve you.  

Social Meda Collections

Social Media Collections

Forensically sound preservation of social media sites as well as other website addresses.