Private Investigation Services


At Beam Computer Forensics our private investigations division is recognized by the Georgia Secretary of State Office's Board of Private Detective & Security Agencies as a licensed investigations company.  Contact us to receive a free consultation to learn how you can leverage our investigative expertise in your cases.

Criminal Defense Investigations

We collaborate with criminal defense attorneys to gather additional information, evidence, and facts in their cases to assist them in their role as counsel to defendants.


Our criminal investigative experience includes allegations of murder, drug trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, robbery, etc. and misdemeanors and juvenile crimes.


We provide evidentiary analysis, create strategic investigative action plans, conduct witness interviews, perform crime scene analysis, identify exculpatory and mitigating evidence and analyze each case for potential tampering, incentivized cooperation and police and prosecutorial misconduct.

Background Investigation

Background Investigations

Litigation Support

Counselors, do not get blindsided with surprise information in court. Witness background information and profiles can provide strategic insight during pre-trial and trial phases of criminal and civil litigation.

We conduct both discreet background intelligence gathering as well as in person vetting of witnesses for presentation and credibility purposes.


Pre-employment Screening

At Beam, we provide various types of background investigations on potential new employees. We compile and analyze background data and communicate the information in detailed reports to support Human Resources compliance with governing laws related to fair hiring practices.


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Asset Investigation

Asset Investigations

To sue, or not to sue? Also an equally important question to take into consideration is, if you do sue and win, would you ever be able to collect the judgment within a reasonable period of time?


Our asset investigation service provides our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions on pursuing litigation to recover losses.  We conduct comprehensive asset investigation for prejudgment remedies and post judgment collection. We have extensive experience in detecting patterns of personal and business fraud by judgment debtors to skirt liability. We provide detailed reports of known and potentially hidden assets.

Conviction Integrity Investigations

Once an innocent defendant has been convicted of a crime, the post-conviction process to be granted a new trial is daunting and exhausting for attorneys, petitioners, and their families.  We work closely with defense teams in creating specialized investigation plans to support exoneration efforts for the wrongfully incarcerated. 


We have extensive experience navigating through the tangled web of the Writ of Habeas Corpus and all of the challenges inherent in investigating these kinds of cases. We provide counselors with a detailed analysis of case files, strategic investigation plans, identification of potentially exculpatory witnesses and evidence, locate witnesses who have disappeared, conduct interviews, records research and leave no stone unturned. Our long-term experience in police misconduct investigations give us a keen ability to readily identify possible police or prosecutorial misconduct in our conviction integrity analysis. 

Civil Rights Violations - Class Action Litigation

When government or private agencies disregard basic human and civil rights it can cause a detrimental impact on the lives of everyday citizens. Our experience in government and corporate malfeasance aids our clients in supporting litigation efforts to correct these injustices.  We provide investigative services related to sexual harassment claims, Title IX violations and employee discrimination. 

Personal Injury Investigations

Personal injuries sustained as a result of negligence can have devastating effects on a person’s quality of life and ability to provide and succeed. We work closely with Personal Injury Litigators to compile facts, interview witnesses, and investigate liability. Our experience includes premise liability investigations, DRAM shop claims, medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents and complex tort investigations.