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Nick Barlow serves as the Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer for Beam Computer Forensics, LLC, which specializes in digital forensics, eDiscovery, private investigations, and litigation support. Prior to founding BCF, Nick entered into the legal services industry in 2010 working as a licensed private investigator and digital examiner for Integrated Security Services, LLC headquartered in New York City. During his time with ISS, he investigated civil and criminal matters, including medical malpractice, wrongful conviction claims, insurance and custodial surveillance, allegations of police misconduct, and cyber stalking.

In 2014 Nick joined Guidance Software, creators of the world renowned forensic software platform EnCase, and worked out of the Los Angeles company headquarters in the professional services division as a digital forensic consultant. He investigated cases involving theft of intellectual property for major motion picture studios and provided training to enterprise clients on how to leverage the EnCase Enterprise platform in forensic investigations across their expansive networks.

In 2015 Nick joined DTI as a digital forensic consultant at their headquarters in Atlanta, GA where he provided expert level consulting in digital forensics and eDiscovery. In 2017, he founded Beam Computer Forensics, LLC, which works in tandem with Relevant Data Technologies in providing eDiscovery and digital forensic expertise.

Nick is a trained EnCase Certified Forensic Examiner, a Cellebrite Certified Operater, a Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst, as well as an AccessData Certified Forensic Examiner. He is a licensed private investigator in Connecticut and Georgia.  He obtained an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice from Manchester Community College in 2011 before moving on to continue his studies in computer and digital forensics at Champlain College in Burlington, VT.



Jim Watt serves as the Chief Operating Officer & Co-Chief Executive Officer for Beam Computer Forensics, LLC, which specializes in digital forensics, eDiscovery, private investigations, and litigation support. Prior to joining BCF, Jim has worked in the legal services industry since 2005 as a project manager, systems engineer and forensic consultant at eMag Solutions and DTI/Epiq. During his time with DTI/Epiq Jim worked on many high profile forensic matters, including analysis cases involving the theft of intellectual property, spoliation claims, and mobile device analysis.  Jim also consulted on collection issues with various enterprise IT systems requiring a high degree of technical expertise.

Prior to Epiq, Jim worked at eMag Solutions where he served as a Senior Systems Engineer.  While there he designed custom client solutions to recover data from proprietary backup tape and disk formats. He has also worked with multiple hardware platforms, operating systems, email systems, and data recovery tools. Jim has experience analyzing and consulting on various sources of electronically stored information, including but not limited to; personal computers, mobile devices and tablets, encryption issues and solutions, Microsoft enterprise solutions, including O365 and SharePoint.

Jim has worked on digital data recovery matters involving the following operating and email systems: Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris, Novell, GroupWise, AIX, Exchange 5.5-2019, Every leading Tape backup platform, Various third party e-mail archive solutions.  Jim created custom programming for collection solutions to meet unique client needs within various programming languages including: Python, C++, VB.net, EnScript, SQL, FoxPro.

Throughout the course of his career, Jim has specialized in finding solutions to complex technical issues, and has obtained multiple industry standard certifications. 

Howard Steuer leads business development and customer success for Beam Computer Forensics, LLC, which specializes in digital forensics, eDiscovery, private investigations, and litigation support. Howard has tenured experience in providing the very best service to customers from a series of positions within the Advertising, Information Technology and Apparel industries. His first position with Levi Strauss & Co started as a sales associate and then quickly was promoted to senior level sales positions servicing enterprise customers, include managing teams as a Regional Manager.


Howard’s next position was with MBI, where he was central to growing the company to a highly respected and industry leader in media buying. A leader by example, always providing sincere and results oriented customer service through individual and team efforts. Howard has lived in New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and currently makes his home in Atlanta.        





Robert Draper serves as the Director of Operations for Beam Computer Forensics, as well as President of Relevant Data Technologies, an Atlanta litigation support company that provides cutting-edge technology, with white glove boutique-style service. Rob has been in the industry for over 17 years, supporting clients in their unique discovery needs. He works very closely with our clients leading the strategic and tactical identification of potentially relevant information; addressing the changing market with service offerings to ensure the proper use of technology, nimble project management, and the desired project outcomes.

Prior to starting Relevant Data, Rob joined DTI in August of 2014 after DTI acquired Global Legal Discovery. With DTI, he led the SE sales team as the VP of Business Development. Prior to that, he was an EVP and Partner with Global Legal discovery.

Rob provided executive leadership for Global Legal Discovery’s Technologies and Client Services solutions. Prior to joining Global Legal Discovery, Rob served as Managing Director of LEX On Demand. His past work endeavors have helped him gain subject matter expertise in forensics, electronic discovery, project management, document analysis, and trial coordination.

Rob holds extensive practical and strategic experience consulting with clients and assisting legal teams with technical and project management services from the inception of a lawsuit to the final appeal. During his 17 years of experience working in electronic discovery and litigation support, Rob has supported several high profile matters, including the Compuware v. IBM antitrust matter, the Bridgestone/Firestone Rollover matter, and the TFT LCD Panel price fixing MDL. Rob has presented many CLE's on eDiscovery challenges, and is one of the true leaders in the industry.